Quartz Department

  • Glass Lathe, passage diameter 280 mm.
  • Glass lathe for ground-glass joints, collars, etc.
  • Glass-blowing tables, fusion tools.

Glass Department

Conventional equipment, Glass lathes, Glass-blowing bench.

Glass and Quartz Machining Department

We are equipped with modern production conveniences : 3 axis CNC, CFAO and control equipment 3 D.

  • Highspeed 5 axis CNC Haas
  • Highspeed 3 axis CNC Ferrari vertical machining center X 600 Y 290 Z 290.
  • Mechanical lathes with high-speed jig for ground-glass work pieces up to 340 mm diameter.
  • Bench drill, Block milling tool with maximum diameter 300 mm.
  • Tube-cutting machine, for diameters 1 to 400 mm.

Acid bath

HF wash hood and demin water bath, maximum work piece length 3000 mm.

High Vacuum Pump

  • High vacuum work station with turbo-Molecular Pump ≤10-6 .
  • Degassing Oven, mounted on vacuum pump station, regulated temperature up to 400 ˚.

Annealing Ovens

  • Large Oven for glass and quartz, capacity of 3000 x1000 x 1000 mm (Power 125 KW).
  • Annealing Oven, capacity 400 x400 x 500 mm.



  • Quartz diffusion tubes and nacelles.
  • Quartz and Borosilicate glass accessories.

Avionics and space

Various components.

Analytical accessories

  • Quartz combustion / digestion tubes.
  • Quartz tubes for microwave ovens.
  • Quartz plasma tubes and burner.
  • Spray Chambers.
  • Quartz crucibles for analysis of precious metals.

UV driers and sterilizers

Quartz security plates. Double-walled quartz tubes .

IR and diathermy generators

Quartz protection tubes.

For laboratories and industry

  • Silvered Dewars up to 200mm diam. and ≤10-6 vacuum.
  • Borosilicat glass tubes for sealed Co2 lasers according to plans.
  • Scientific glassware.

Windows and optical ports

  • Machining Borosilicat glass disks and plates.
  • Machining quartz disks and plates flame polished.
  • Machining disks and plates mechanically polished.

3 axis CNC machining center

We are able to machine every type of hard materials like ceramic, quartz, float glass or Borosilicat glass.(We do not machine sapphire) After manufacturing certain parts of quartz and Borosilicat glass at our location, we are also able to flame polishing them.